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Best Liver Transplant Hospital in India

Liver Transplantation Surgery

Best Liver Transplant Hospital in India

Manipal Hospitals Global is the best liver transplant hospital in India providing liver transplants. A healthy liver from a deceased or living donor is surgically transplanted into a patient with liver failure to address the condition. Liver transplantation surgery is a life-saving protocol that requires the replacement of diseased or liver failure organs with a healthy one. There are a lot of patients on the liver transplant waiting list. Patients who need liver transplants are in extreme need of medical care. They could have liver cancer, acute liver failure, or end-stage liver disease.

Why Manipal?

The largest liver transplant programme in the nation is offered by Manipal Hospitals and falls under the category of gastroenterology and hepatology.  A group of surgeons, medical specialists, nurses, and other healthcare providers work together in the liver transplant programme to care for the patient and the patient's family throughout the transplant procedure. Manipal Hospitals offer high-quality care that is tailored to each patient's specific needs. The patient receives several opinions in addition to just one by having a wide range of knowledge under one roof that is patient-centered. Visit Manipal Hospitals Global for Liver Transplantation in India.

A liver transplant is typically mentioned when the liver, the largest internal organ, stops carrying out those activities due to chronic liver disease or unexpected failure of a previously healthy liver. The liver is the largest internal organ and carries out various crucial functions. A healthy liver is essential to survival. A liver transplant may save your life if your liver is failing or if you have primary liver cancer. Your liver can stop functioning for a variety of reasons, including rapid (acute) causes like toxic poisoning and long-term liver conditions. More people require liver transplants than there are livers available from donors. Consult with liver specialists to know more about the treatment and procedures at our best liver transplant hospital in India.

However, there are more people in need of a liver transplant than there are donor livers available. Family members or friends are therefore welcome at Manipal Hospitals because they might be a good match and donate some of their liver. The greatest choice, as opposed to waiting for a deceased donor liver to become available, is a living donor liver transplant, because the human liver heals more quickly and grows back to its normal size quickly after surgery.

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The liver is one of the most complex organs playing an important role in the quality of life. Liver transplantation restores a better quality of life and helps patients in living healthy. Some of the reasons why a transplant would be needed are Acute liver failure, Biliary atresia, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis (viral, autoimmune and idiopathic), Liver tumours, Metabolic diseases, Portal hypertension, Primary biliary cirrhosis, Primary sclerosing cholangitis At Manipal Hospitals, facilities are there to cater to most critical liver-related concerns