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Thousands of patients from the Maldives visit India each year for medical care and treatment. According to the official data released by the Ministry of Tourism, as many as 6% of total tourists who visited India for healthcare services were from the Maldives. With the recent decision of extending e-medical visas to 166 countries by the government of India, more and more Maldivian patients are expected to get treatment in India. Being one of the largest hospital chains in India, Manipal Hospitals is ever ready to provide world-class medical facilities to patients coming from the Maldives. 

As per the data, the majority of patients from the Maldives come to Bengaluru and Delhi for surgeries and treatment. Situated at Old Airport Road, our oldest hospital is not only the biggest in Bangalore but also one of the largest in India. Patients coming for organ transplants can get quality treatment and care at our renowned facilities. In addition to that, we also specialise in various cancer surgeries and infertility treatments. With our presence in PAN India, we are the first choice for many Maldivian patients.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Manipal Hospitals is the first hospital in India to receive ISO 9001:2000 certification for Clinical, Nursing, Diagnostics and Allied areas. We have a presence in more than 15 cities in India including Bangalore, Mysore, Salem, Delhi, Jaipur, and Kolkata. Located at Old Airport Road, Bangalore, our oldest hospital with more than 600 beds is one of its kind. With expert doctors and state-of-the-art technology, Maldivian patients are in the right hands at Manipal. Some things that set us apart from others are:


Manipal Hospitals provide quality and compassionate care to the patients, keeping their safety and comfort as the utmost priority. The medical team at Manipal Hospitals follows a humanised approach to reduce any sense of stress and fear in patients that they may experience prior to and after their treatment.
Visa assistance: We have an International Patient Services team that writes a visa requisition letter to the Indian Embassy in the Maldives to help patients and their accompanying attendants get hassle-free visas for medical treatment.

Renowned and Qualified Doctors

At Manipal Hospitals, all our doctors and medical staff are well-trained and experts in their field. Moreover, we follow a multi-disciplinary approach where expert doctors from various concerned departments brainstorm together and come up with the best treatment procedure tailor-made for the patient.

Competitive Price

Manipal Hospital provides cost-effective medical treatments, with surgeries often priced significantly lower than in the US and EU countries. For example, a heart bypass surgery here can cost around $10,000, whereas the same procedure can exceed $100,000 in the US.

Use of the latest technologies

We believe in innovation and so our doctors and surgeons constantly look for ways to improve the surgery results. We have got all the latest machines and tools to perform complex surgeries with excellent accuracy.

Awards and Accolades

Manipal Hospitals has got numerous prestigious awards and accolades which are testimonials for the excellent healthcare services that we offer to international patients. Some of the major achievements include Porter Prize for Value-Based Healthcare Delivery in 2017, Standard Practices Award in Clinical Research in 2012, Golden Peacock National Quality Award in 2005, and the Best Patient care hospitals Award in 2020.

Facilities and Services Available at Manipal Hospitals for Maldives Patients

Manipal Hospitals offers various services for patients coming from the Maldives to ensure that they get the best treatment without any hurdles. Some of the notable features are:
Accommodation: We provide the best accommodation services to patients and their attendants during their visits to Manipal Hospitals India. Depending on your budget, you can choose to stay in nearby guest houses, service apartments or luxurious 5-star hotels.

Airport Assistance

To ensure that patients reach their destination without any problem, we designate a person to pick them up from the airport and drop them at their destination. 

Currency Exchange

We have a separate counter for currency exchange where Maldivian patients can exchange their money from taka to rupees for payment.

Relationship Manager

We designate a relationship manager for every patient who liaises with patients and doctors for effective communication.
Our expertise and dedication in this field make us one of the best hospitals in India for Maldivian patients.

Surgeries and Procedures Available at Manipal Hospitals

We are experts in performing a wide gamut of surgeries and procedures at our world-class facilities. Owing to our extensive experience in this field, we are renowned for the high success rate of surgeries. Some of the major procedures and surgeries available at Manipal are:

  • Cardiac surgeries (such as coronary artery bypass surgery, angioplasty).

  • Orthopaedic procedures (such as knee replacement, hip replacement, spinal fusion).

  • Neurosurgery (such as brain tumour surgery, spinal cord surgery).

  • Cosmetic surgeries (such as breast augmentation, facelift, tummy tuck).

  • Dental procedures (such as dental implants, and root canal treatment).

  • Fertility treatments (such as in-vitro fertilisation, egg freezing).

  • Ophthalmic surgeries (such as cataract surgery, LASIK eye surgery).

  • Gastrointestinal surgeries (such as hernia repair, gallbladder surgery).

  • Organ transplants (such as kidney transplants, liver transplants).

  • Cancer treatments (such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy).

Important Instructions for Maldives Patients

Patients coming from the Maldives are advised to follow important guidelines during their visit to the Manipal Hospital. Carry all the important documents with you. We have provided the checklist below:

  • Old medical reports

  • Visa

  • Passport

  • Copy of the quotation and treatment plan provided by Manipal Hospitals

  • Photographs (passport size)

Note: In the case of an organ transplant, the above-mentioned documents are required by the donor as well.

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Manipal Hospitals Helpline Number for Maldives Patients

Patients coming from the Maldives for treatment in Manipal Hospitals can reach out to us via mail or WhatsApp. Our contact details are provided below:
Email: overseas@manipalhospitals.com
WhatsApp: +91 9606048970
Patients can also send us a direct message through the form available here.