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Vertebral body resection

Vertebral Body Resection Surgery in India

Vertebral body resection (Corpectomy) and reconstruction A vertebral column resection is a procedure reserved for the most severe spinal deformities and involves removing segments of the spine including the body of the vertebra and the posterior elements, which include the lamina, transverse process, and ribs.

Why choose Manipal Hospital Our multidisciplinary team of neuro and spine surgeons performs the vertebral column resection to correct certain spinal deformities in adults and children. A vertebral column resection is necessary to correct severe, rigid spinal deformities as well as to remove a bone tumor. The neurosurgeon makes a skin incision and then exposes the bones of the vertebral column. Pedicle screws are then inserted into solid areas of the vertebrae above and below the vertebra that will be removed. These screws will later be connected with rods to help hold the spine stable. A vertebral column resection is performed under general anesthesia, which means the patient is unconscious and on a ventilator during the surgery. Spinal cord monitoring such as SSEPs (somatosensory evoked potentials) and MEPs (motor evoked potentials) are used throughout the procedure to help ensure the safety of the spinal cord. 

Number of cases We have performed more than 10 lakh such life-changing cases.