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Transplant medicine

Transplant Medicine in India

Kidney transplants are the focus of this subspecialty of nephrology, which is becoming more and more common among patients with end-stage renal disease.

Choosing Manipal Hospitals

The nephrology unit takes a keen multi-disciplinary approach to dealing with difficult kidney transplants, supported by exceptional nephrologists and urologists of the highest caliber in their specialized field. A paediatric kidney transplant is a specialized procedure that requires the most experienced urologist to complete. Visit Manipal, the transplant medicine center in India to know more about the treatments.

Why kidney transplant is better than dialysis

Renal failure patients' long-term prognoses and the survival rate of patients with end-stage kidney disease are both improved by kidney transplantation. It takes strong immunosuppression to keep a kidney transplant from failing. Transplant surgery is less expensive than dialysis in terms of hospitalisation costs after the procedure. 


Significant risks are associated with kidney transplant surgery. The most frequent ones are rejection or failure of the given kidney, infection and bleeding, and leakage from or obstruction of the ureter, the tube connecting the kidney to the bladder.

Number of cases

We are at the forefront of kidney transplant surgery and have successfully treated an astounding 8 lakh patients. This benchmark has made Manipal Hospital the best kidney center in India.

Success rate

Even when performed on young patients, kidney transplant surgery has a 97% success rate when performed by qualified surgeons who provide thorough post-operative care. 

Infection control protocol

Our infection control protocol rises to the occasion to stop any infections in their tracks since we are aware that all transplant surgeries require high-quality care, particularly in the delicate situations of paediatric transplant.