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Suture Removal

Suture Removal Procedure in India

Surgical Suture Removal Procedure in India are used to hold the bodily tissues together after an operation or damage. Typically, an aseptic needle with a thread attached is used for suturing. Sutures are fastened with surgical knots. On a doctor's recommendation or at the doctor's direction, sutures are removed by a trained nurse. The stitches need to be protected. The stitches are recommended to be covered with a bandage for at least 24 hours as per the doctor’s recommendation. The suture area should be protected by avoiding any bumps or hits to the suture area. If not protected, it may result in the opening of the wound. Trimming and shortening the ends of stitches should be avoided. If the stitches rub onto the clothing, a gauge bandage is recommended between the stitches and the clothing. So reach out to the best plastic surgery hospital in India.