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Solutions in anal incontinence and recto vaginal fistulas surgery

Solutions in Anal Incontinence and Recto Vaginal Fistulas Surgery

A weakened or injured anal sphincter can be repaired through surgery known as sphincteroplasty. The surgeon removes the damaged muscle, overlaps the margins of the remaining muscle, and sews them back together to support the muscles and tighten the sphincter. Gynecology and colorectal surgeons may work together to perform surgery to seal a fistula. In order to allow your tissue to grow into the patch and heal the fistula, surgical options include sewing an anal fistula plug or patch of biologic tissue into the fistula. using a tissue graft taken from a nearby area of your body or covering the fistula opening with a flap of healthy tissue.

Complexities in Anal Incontinence and Recto Vaginal Fistulas Surgery

The three acute problems that occur most frequently are bleeding, infection, and urine retention. anal incontinence treatment in India.

Number of Cases

Despite being uncommon, we have handled more than 3 lakh cases of anal incontinence and recto-vaginal fistulas.

Infection Control Protocol

Infections are a common complication of these relatively uncommon operations. Consequently, the effectiveness of our infection control methods is commendable. After all, the comfort of the patient is our main priority.