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Pelvis Fracture Fixation

Pelvis Fracture Fixation in India

At the base of the spine is a ring of bones called the pelvis. The region between the hip bones and beneath the abdomen is known as the pelvis. Any age group can experience a pelvic fracture. It frequently affects older persons with weak bones. Children participating in sports and other activities run the risk of suffering pelvic fractures from mishaps and fall from great heights.

Treatment for a fractured pelvis

Treatment for mild, stable pelvic fractures involves resting and avoiding placing weight on your legs by using crutches, walking sticks, or a wheelchair. To help the bones recover, prescription drugs are given. A surgical procedure called an external fixation is used to treat severe pelvic fractures. Your injured or damaged pelvic area is stabilized with external fixation. Through tiny skin incisions, metal pins or screws are put into your bones. The pins and screws connect to bars outside of your body and extend from the other side of the pelvis. Bones are maintained in the ideal position for healing in this way.

Advantages of External Fixation

Following are the advantages of external fixation:

  • Simple and easy fixation.
  • The fixator can be adjusted with ease after the surgery.
  • Minimal bleeding during installation.

Disadvantages of External Fixation

Following are the advantages of external fixation:

  • Extends the time of healing.
  • Infection at the site of pins and wires entering the body.
  • Inability to move bones through a full range of motion

How much time does a pelvic fracture take to heal?

Healing from a pelvic fracture often takes 8 to 12 weeks. If you have any additional medical issues that impact healing, more serious fractures require more time than 12 weeks. Consult with our experts regarding Pelvis Fracture Surgery in India.