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Paediatric Trauma

The main factor contributing to children's health issues and deaths is trauma or injury. The speed with which the hospital's emergency response team can revive the child and start emergency care determines the youngster's chances of survival in the best Paediatric Trauma treatment in India.

Choosing Manipal Hospitals 

Manipal Hospitals can provide assistance to children who have suffered serious injuries. The Centre of Excellence in Paediatrics and Child Care at Manipal Hospitals' Paediatric Trauma department holds the distinction of being a pioneer in managing paediatric crises. Whether a child suffers from a fall, burns, brain injury, chest trauma, or spinal trauma, our paediatric trauma care team is available around-the-clock to assess the severity of the situation and start treating them right away in the best paediatric center in India. They have had thorough training in paediatric trauma management standards include maintaining a sufficient circulation by giving fluids and safeguarding the airway. To evaluate interior injuries, trauma imaging is done using CT or MRI scans and X-rays. As soon as the severity of the injury is determined, the child is moved to our paediatric intensive care unit where our multidisciplinary paediatric trauma team will continue to provide continuing care.