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Paediatric Robotic assisted Urological Reconstruction

The perfect assistant for surgeons, robotic assisted surgery has changed the medical industry. Its high precision mobility in urology has enabled uro-surgeons to flawlessly carry out difficult surgeries on children in the Best Pediatric Hospital in India.

Choosing Manipal Hospitals

Due to its accuracy and agility, robotic assisted surgery continues to rule the medical world, and at Manipal Hospitals it has top rank as well since this is the  Best Child Hospital in India. Our paediatric uro-surgeons have received international training to treat frequent paediatric urological disorders. These include lower ureteral reconstruction, mid-ureteral reconstruction, and ureteropelvic junction reconstruction. Upper ureteral reconstruction procedures include pyeloplasty (surgical reconstruction of the renal pelvis to drain and decompress the kidney), ureteropelvic junction polypectomy, ureterocalicostomy, and high uretero-ureterostomy (end-to-end connection of the segments of the same ureter), ureteropelvic junction (ureteral reimplantation, and lower ureter-ureterostomy).