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Paediatric Non Cardiac Thoracic Surgery

The heart is not always involved in chest procedures. Esophagectomy, which involves cutting out and rebuilding the food pipe in cases of esophageal cancer, Lung Resection, Surgery for Collapsed Lungs, Removal of Chest Tumors, Anti-reflux Surgery, and Hiatal Hernia Repair are all types of paediatric non-cardiac chest surgery in the Best Child Hospital in India.

Choosing Manipal Hospitals 

Our paediatric surgeons use their expertise in minimally invasive surgery to perform challenging surgeries on young patients in the Top Paediatric hospital in India. To obtain the best results, they use cutting-edge fibre optic equipment and utilise robotic assisted surgery. A full excision of the tumour is possible in children with lung cancer thanks to the minimally invasive VATS Lobectomy technique.