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Paediatric Genital reconstructive surgery

In this type of surgery, severe genital and urinary malformations in youngsters are repaired to avoid difficulties as they mature. Additionally, it is used to treat genital malformations.

A congenital disease of sex development (DSD) known as hypospadias affects male infants. This disorder causes the penis to function abnormally in addition to looking odd. The only solution is surgery to reshape it into a healthy one in the best pediatric hospital in India.

Choosing Manipal Hospitals

Our team of urologists and urosurgeons uses the best techniques for penile restoration, particularly in the case of hypospadias DSD, because of their extensive experience in genital reconstruction in minors. The hole or opening at the tip of the penis where urine and semen are released is not where it should be in hypospadias. Instead, it might be located on the scrotum or the bottom of the penis. Most frequently, hypospadias is discovered at birth. Not only is the opening in the improper location, but the bottom of the foreskin frequently lacks final development. The exposed penis tip is the result of this. So reach out to the best Pediatric Genital Reconstructive Surgery in India.

Solutions for Hypospadias

The only treatment for this disease is surgery, and most urosurgeons prefer to do it on kids between the ages of one and six. The goal of the urologists at Manipal Hospitals is to repair the penis such that it can continue to function normally forever. And they have had great success doing so. A regular, straight penis with a urinary channel that terminates at or close to the tip is created during surgery. The majority of the procedure entails circumcision or foreskin reconstruction in addition to creating the urinary channel, placing the hole in the penis head, and straightening the shaft. The treatment lasts between 90 minutes and three hours and is done while completely unconscious.

Complexities of Hypospadias Surgery

The most frequent issue following surgery is the development of a fistula in another area of the penis. This is due to the formation of a new pathway from the urethra to the skin. Scars can also develop in the urethral opening or channel.

Number of cases

Over 10 lakh genital reconstruction procedures have been carried out by paediatric urologists at Manipal Hospitals.

Infection Control Protocol

Our clean, sterile environment ensures that our young patients are completely at ease and free from infections.