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Microvascular Reconstruction

Microvascular Reconstruction Surgery in India

Microvascular Reconstruction
In complex head and neck cancers, patients tend to lose parts of their facial features to cancerous growth. Micro vascular reconstruction of the face and neck region is the only solution. This highly advanced surgical technique to rebuild the face and neck uses the blood vessels, bone, tissue, as well as muscle and skin from other parts of the body.  The technique involves harvesting flaps of healthy tissue where it is not considered of use, with the blood supply from remote sites in the body. The tissue is then transferred to the recipient wound bed where it will be of use in reconstructing the affected area of the head and neck. 

Why choose Manipal Hospitals
This type of head and neck reconstruction surgery involves superlative skilled onco surgeons who work in a team. The collective skills of a dedicated team of oncologists, otolaryngologists, and onco surgeons come to the fore as they perform these complex reconstruction surgeries.

Solutions for Microvascular Reconstruction
Microvascular head and neck reconstruction technique helps in treating patients with cancers of the head, neck, larynx and pharynx, oral cavity, salivary glands, jaws, tongue and skin. Treatment of head and neck cancer can affect the appearance of the face and neck, as well as various functions of speech, sight, smell, swallowing and taste. Microvascular reconstruction surgery comes with the promise of restoring the head, face and neck to near-normalcy.

Number of cases
We have performed well over 2 lakh of microvascular reconstruction surgeries till date.

Success of Microvascular Reconstruction
Restoration of functions of the head and neck in itself spell success in cancer patients who lose their original ability. Though there could be some restrictions in leading a normal life, the surgery gives them a fresh lease of life.

Infection control protocol
Manipal Hospital takes pride in its stringent infection control protocol that galvanises quicker rate of recovery among head and neck cancer patients.