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Intramuscular Injections

It is a method for getting medicine deep inside the muscles. This makes it possible for the drug to enter the bloodstream swiftly. The entire process takes around five minutes for the best Intramuscular Injections treatment in India.

Pre Procedure

The following points need to be considered before the treatment: 

  • The medication must be purchased from our pharmacy, the doctor's prescription must be with you, and you must visit the paediatric injection room.

  • If you are carrying your own medication, in this Child Care Hospital in India you will be asked for permission before the injection is given.

  • Before the procedure, there are no precise guidelines to be followed.

During Procedure

The following points need to be considered during the treatment: 

  • Your child will be at ease in the specially designed paediatric injection room in the paediatric emergency department, where the privacy of both you and your child is respected during the procedure.

  • You are shown the medication that is being injected and given a second confirmation.

  • An alcohol swab is used to clean the injection site.

  • We will ask you to look after the youngster and provide comfort while the nurse gives the shot.

  • Additionally, the nurse and team will also interact and distract the child with toys etc.

Post Procedure

The following points need to be considered after the treatment: 

  • Your youngster will remain in the waiting room for 15 minutes while being watched for any reactions.

  • The medication is entered into your outpatient file along with the date it was administered and the staff's signature.

  • After returning home, you are asked to check on the injection site.

  • Please contact us right away if you experience any strange symptoms such as soreness. This is extremely uncommon, though.