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Intra Cavitary Chemotherapy

Intra Cavitary Chemotherapy in India

Intra Cavitary Chemotherapy

Intracavitary chemotherapy involves the injecting of chemotherapy through a tube (catheter), directly into a body cavity. It gives a very high dose of chemotherapy to the tumour, but only a very low dose to the rest of the body. Intracavitary chemotherapy can be injected into the bladder – intravesical, the abdominal cavity – intra peritoneal, or the chest cavity – intrapleural.

Why choose Manipal Hospital

At our cancer care speciality, all types of new age chemotherapies are administered under an atmosphere of care and concern. The patient is at the centre of our treatment and we pull all the stops in ensuring maximum comfort.

Solutions in Intra cavitary chemotherapy

To damage and kill the cancer cells, your blood needs to absorb the chemotherapy drugs and carry them throughout your body. The best way for each patient depends on the type of cancer, the location of the cancer in your body and the drugs you're having. Intra cavitary chemotherapy is one of the most effective modes of chemotherapy.

Complexities of intra cavitary chemotherapy

Some of the potential complications of intracavitary chemotherapy procedures include infection, bleeding, and side effects from the chemotherapy itself, including nausea and vomiting.

Number of cases

Intra cavitary chemotherapy is one of the preferred cancer treatment options due to its efficacy and speed in reaching the cancer afflicted spot and we have treated more than 5 lakh patients.

Success of intra cavitary chemotherapy

Intra cavitary chemotherapy is a safe and promising mode of treatment to improve local tumor control for malignant lining of the lungs.

Infection control protocol

Manipal Hospitals is best equipped to provide patients with the most advanced cancer care possible in the country under highly sterile infection controlled environment.