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ERCP Procedure in India

Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography or ERCP is a procedure that combines the adoption of fluoroscopy and endoscopy for diagnosing and treating certain issues of the pancreatic or biliary ductal systems. Manipal Hospitals is providing ECRP in India, visit today for the treatment.

Pre Procedure:

  • The patient is advised to be on an empty stomach with 6-8 hours or overnight fasting and should not take any meals including water after midnight.
  • The patient must inform the doctor about their underlying medical conditions and medical history.
  • The doctor should also be informed if the patient thinks or knows that she is pregnant.
  • Admission is generally required for a day for observation for the procedure.
  • The patient must sign a consent form before the test.
  • Any jewellery and objects that can interfere with the procedure must be removed before the test.
  • The patient will also be asked to remove eyeglasses, dentures, and contact lenses.
  • The patient will be moved to a room where their privacy will be respected throughout the procedure and they will be asked to change into a hospital gown.

During Procedure:

  • The time duration of the procedure is usually 2-3 hours. It is conducted by the doctor, who is assisted by a nurse.
  • A mouth guard will be given to the patient for protecting their teeth.
  • A cannula is inserted for the administration of fluids and IV medication.
  • The anaesthesia will be administered by an anaesthesiologist via inhalation or injection.
  • An endoscope, which is a lighted and bendable tube, will be placed through the mouth and directed towards the stomach and duodenum (the first part of the small intestine) by the doctor for examining the bile and pancreatic ducts, while the patient lies in the prone position or in a comfortable position on their left side.
  • The procedure takes around 1 hour. Consult with our Gastroenterologist in India to know more.

Post Procedure:

  • Post the completion of the procedure, the patient will be kept under observation for 1-2 hours in the Gastro recovery room. Their vital parameters will be checked at regular intervals throughout the observation period.
  • Once the observation period ends, medication and IV fluids will be discontinued and the cannula will be removed.
  • The patient must not consume food and water for a few hours until the swallowing reflex becomes normal.
  • The throat may feel slightly sore and numb which is perfectly normal. This will go away after some time.
  • Post the procedure, there will be no dietary restrictions on the patient after a few hours and they can resume their normal activities.
  • After the completion of the procedure, the reports are shared with the patient after two hours.