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In this specialised area of urology, the kidney, bladder, and ureter are navigated by the skillful use of endoscopic and imaging instruments. Children's disorders affecting these organs can be diagnosed and treated with extraordinary skill by paediatric endocrinologists in the best Paediatric hospital in India.

Choosing Manipal Hospitals: Endo urologic surgery uses specialised tools that can enter the urinary tract through the urethra without making cuts in the best Child care centre in India. The paediatric endourologic procedures include ureteroscopy, ureteropyelotomy, and bladder outlet injunction for urinary incontinence as well as the removal of stones from the kidneys, ureter, or bladder, management of ureterocele, a congenital disorder that causes the distal ureter to balloon into the bladder, bladder outlet injunction for urinary incontinence, treatment of posterior urethral valves.