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Developmental Paediatrics

The care of children with behavioural and developmental impairments, such as learning challenges, cerebral palsy, and attention deficit disorders, is the main focus of this specialty in the best Paediatric hospital in India.

Choosing Manipal Hospitals

We at Manipal Hospitals are the best Paediatric center in India for dedicated about assisting young people in realising their full potential. Our paediatricians are qualified and trained to assist parents in parenting their children to ensure that they have the best possible chance of developing normally and being mentally healthy by the time they are adults. Our holistic therapies comprise prescription drugs, diagnosis and follow-up of the patient's behavioural patterns at school and in relation to their classmates, as well as other particular needs including pertinent treatment regimen. We individualise the diagnostic procedure and the best treatment methods for each kid because each child displays developmental issue symptoms in a unique way. All of this is carried out in a sympathetic, kind, and patient environment.