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Deformity Correction

Deformity Correction in India

A surgical process known as deformity correction is used to straighten bones that have become twisted, bowed, or formed improperly as a result of specific illness conditions. There are numerous ways to fix defects, including:

  • Ilizarov

It is a cutting-edge medical procedure used to stretch or align soft tissue and bone. Many people have avoided having to amputate limbs because to this method. The idea behind this procedure is that the bone will grow or regenerate to mend itself. A ring-shaped brace known as an Ilizarov frame is attached to the exterior of the affected limb and is connected to the unbroken portion of the limb's bone using wires and pins. To ensure bone stability, these wires and pins are fastened to metal rods on the exterior frame. Manipal Hospitals Global is one of the Best Deformity Correction Hospitals in India, book an appointment today.

  • Club Foot Correction

It is a congenital defect brought on by labour and delivery. The legs of the youngster will be facing inwards restricting the motions of a child from one spot to another. Reconstructive operations are able to treat this malformation. The numerous soft tissues are cut out during the treatment, and the limb is then stabilised with pins and a leg cast while the soft tissues heal. The cast is changed and maintained for an additional four weeks after six weeks. After the final cast is removed, the youngster is needed to wear shoes or braces to prevent the club foot from relapsing.

  • Cerebral Palsy and Poliomyelitis

A disease called cerebral palsy can have an impact on posture, muscular tone, or mobility. It is caused by harm to the brain's early development before birth. This disorder is characterised by uncontrollable movements, odd postures, walking, and limb spasticity. Tightness in the hands and fingers is relieved by surgically extending the muscles. Poliomyelitis is also treated by extending the muscles surgically.