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Coronary lesion physiological assessment and imaging

Coronary Lesion Physiological Assessment and Imaging in India

At Manipal Hospitals, we have a cardiac unit equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and testing machinery that combines novel technologies and high precision tools for accurately diagnosing and treating the most complex cases. The cardiac tests conducted in the unit help our cardiologists get an idea of the damage done to the coronary arteries, which, in turn, assists them in planning the most cost-effective and appropriate treatment. Coronary Lesion Physiological Assessment and Imaging (FFR, IVUS, OCT) in India is present at Manipal, book an appointment today.

Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR)
It is a guide wire-based procedure that accurately measures the blood pressure and how freely blood is flowing through a specific part of the coronary artery. On the basis of the readings regarding the speed of the flow of blood, cardiologists can detect blockages and choose the best treatment option between angioplasty and stenting or normal medications.

Intravascular Ultra Sound (IVUS)

This test is conducted in the Cath lab, or even with non-invasive multislice CT scans. During this procedure, very high-frequency sound waves called ultrasound are produced by a transducer. These waves are beyond the range of normal human hearing and bounce off the different types of tissue structures in the body. These echoes are then converted into a picture. The cross-section view of this picture assists cardiologists in-stent sizing and ascertaining if the stent has been inserted optimally, expanded, and enclosed in the vessel wall. Consult with our Cardiologist in India to know more.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

This procedure employs the use of infrared light for making a thorough evaluation of coronary atherosclerotic plaques and the vascular response to various coronary interventional devices, including new generation coronary stents. The test can also be adopted as a guide for coronary intervention.