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Childhood Incontinence Clinic

Infants who pee on the bed frequently outgrow the habit by the time they turn five years old. However, if it persists much above that age and only occurs during the day, it may be a symptom of a urinary disorder called urine incontinence. Urinary incontinence, often known as enuresis, is the involuntary emptying of the bladder. So reach out to the best paediatric treatment in India.

The brain, nerves, and two urinary muscles that work together to release urine and hold urine in the bladder must coordinate very closely in order to urinate. In any case of dysfunction, urinary control may be lost to some extent.

Our paediatric urologists at the Childhood Incontinence Clinic at Manipal Hospitals are skilled at treating incontinence problems in kids. A urine test is part of a thorough review of the child's habits to check for organic factors like diabetes and UTIs. An ultrasound image of the urinary tract, bladder, and kidneys may be performed on children who experience symptoms of frequent daytime urine to check for anomalies. If there are any issues with the spinal cord, a spine MRI may be advised. The paediatricians will then design an appropriate course of action based on the diagnosis. In addition, child psychologists are called in to help the family of the child comprehend the illness without punishing the child by the Childhood Incontinence Clinic in India.