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Cast Removal

Cast Removal Procedure in India

The doctor will perform the quick and painless cast removal process, which takes approximately 15 minutes and has no adverse effects.

Pre Procedure

The following points need to be considered before the treatment: 

  • It is recommended to wear loose, cosy clothing on the day of cast removal.

  • Also, carrying the doctor’s prescription and related reports are suggested to the patients.

During Procedure

The following points need to be considered during the treatment: 

  • The orthopaedic cast is removed with a cast saw. The cast is cut using this saw, an oscillating power instrument, which rapidly oscillates back and forth over a narrow angle.

  • Remind the patient of the procedure's safety. Although the saw does not harm the skin, the process may heat up the blade, which could be slightly uncomfortable. Another possible feeling is a mild tickling.

  • The cast saw tends to create a lot of noise because it is connected to a vacuum. If you find the noise alarming or uncomfortable, please let us know and we will give you earplugs.

  • Finally, the cast is taken off using specialised scissors.

  • Your skin could appear dry and pallid after removing the cast. It's natural for the hair on your leg to appear denser and darker than usual.

  • Because your motions were limited while wearing the cast, your limb's muscles may appear smaller and weaker. It is known as "muscle atrophy." Your muscles will take a bit longer to develop as a result, which is normal.

  • An antiseptic solution is used to clean the region, cotton and tissues are used, and a crepe bandage is then put on top to provide support.

  • To assess for mobility, the doctor will very gently move your leg. Manipal Hospitals Global is among the Best Cast Removal hospitals in India, visit today for treatment.

Post Procedure

The following points should be considered after the treatment procedure: 

  • Before the doctor can suggest physiotherapy or exercises for you, you must have an X-ray taken.

  • You must be gentle with your skin because it will be quite sensitive during the coming days. You could feel the urge to scrub or scratch every last bit of dead skin off your limb. In this scenario, we advise using a soft cloth or gauze pads to gently wash it in warm water and mild soap.

  • For the first several days after the cast is removed, bath your skin in warm water for 20 minutes each time, if your limb was in a cast for three weeks or more. Dry your skin with a soft towel while being gentle. Overly vigorous rubbing could harm the newly formed skin.

  • As the cast heals, you can have stiffness or edoema after it is removed. Continue providing proper support for the limb and gradually resume using it by beginning with modest, gentle movements and working your way up to full use.

  • Always use lotion following limb cleaning. This will keep your skin supple, promote quicker healing, and lessen itching. Because scents might irritate the skin, use a fragrance-free lotion. Cocoa butter-based lotions perform wonderfully.

  • Avoid shaving or waxing until your leg is fully recovered if you recently had a cast removed. Your skin will have time to heal as a result. Book an appointment today at our Orthopaedic Hospital in India to know more about the treatment procedures.