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Biological therapy

Biological Therapy for Cancer in India

Biological therapy

This therapy of cancer treatment uses the body's immune system to kill cancer cells. Biological therapy for cancer is used in the treatment of many types of cancer to prevent or slow tumor growth and to prevent the spread of cancer.

Why choose Manipal Hospital

Manipal Hospitals' Cancer care unit offers world-class care in a patient-friendly setting, with the aim towards creating the optimal treatment environment. The  state-of-the-art oncology department is equipped with cutting edge diagnostic equipment, scientifically advanced treatment options including biological therapy, and comprehensive and convenient patient-centric care all under one roof.

Solutions for biological therapy

Several types of biological therapies, especially immunotherapies, are used or developed for cancer treatment and fight cancer in different ways. These  include Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors, Immune Cell Therapy (also called Adoptive Cell Therapy or Adoptive Immunotherapy), Therapeutic Antibodies, Therapeutic Vaccines and Immune-Modulating Agents.

Complexities in biological therapy

Some of the complications include flu-like symptoms such as chills, fever, muscle aches, weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Some patients develop a rash, and some bleed or bruise easily.

Number of cases

Manipal Hospital’s top notch cancer care team routinely employ biological therapy in treatment of cancer and have surpassed the 10 lakh mark.

Success in biological therapy

Biological cancer treatment therapy is a new age mode. It emphasises that the immune system holds an essential role in these biological therapies and decides the success of treatment. It is believed that the immune system can detect and destroy the foreign cells or abnormal cells to prevent the tumor formation.

Infection control protocol

Manipal Hospitals' passion for cancer care goes even beyond the confines of its cancer care center to focus on strict infection control standards for patients.