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Indian Hospital Saves Cameroonian Surgeon’s Life With Liver Donation From Sister

Publication - Daily Nation

08 June, 2022

Dr. Biakola Essomba, a 39-year-old Cameroonian doctor gets another life after he successfully underwent a liver transplant at Manipal Hospitals, India. Dr. Essomba got a second chance to live after his sister Biakolo Mengue Epouse Mende donated a part of her liver. This kind of deed has inspired others to donate their organs to save someone’s life. Dr. Essomba is a gynecologist by profession and aspires to dedicate his life to helping others and working for a healthy and happy life for his patients.

The patient suffered from liver failure at the age of 38 when he was referred to Manipal Hospitals for further treatment. The doctors recommended an immediate liver transplant. His sister who was compatible came forward and donated a part of her liver to save his brother’s life.

Dr. Rajiv Lochan, Lead Consultant - HPB and Liver Transplantation Surgeon at Manipal Hospitals in his statement said, “Liver diseases are one of the most common problems all over the world that can lead to liver failure in the future. In this case, the patient’s sister did an admirable job by stepping forward to save the life of her beloved brother and inspiring many to serve this noble cause. There were smiles all around as the duo walked through the hallway of Manipal Hospital with a smile of gratitude, hope, and readiness to experience a beautiful life ahead. Dr. Baikolo is traveling back to Cameroon without any complications. With the help of our expert team, we were able to address the condition of the patient and were able to provide him with the best treatment options available.”

Dr. Biakola expressed gratitude to his sister for saving his life and also to the Cameroon government for covering the medical bills. Manipal Hospitals provide comprehensive, curative, and preventive care for a multitude of patients from around the globe.