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Manipal Hospitals is a leading integrated healthcare services provider in India. We are one of the largest healthcare organizations in the country with 26 hospitals across 14 cities with 7,000 plus beds, and a pool of 4,000 plus doctors and 10,000 plus employees. All hospitals have highly skilled medical, paramedical experts to deliver care and are specifically designed for the needs of patients and built for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Our aim is to provide effective and affordable care in a clean and caring environment. Our processes are technology-driven, making it convenient for patients to use our services. Manipal Hospital serves more than one million patients every year. Our hospitals offer comprehensive clinical programs that are supported by a list of ancillary services (ICU, NICU, physiotherapy, teleradiology/telemedicine, pharmacy, and imaging facilities). A comprehensive electronic medical records system forms the core of the hospital information system (HIS) that supports clinical decision-making.

All our hospitals are already accredited by NABH. We cater to the healthcare needs of international patients from all countries.

Awards & Accolades

  • Porter Prize for Value-Based Healthcare Delivery in 2017
  • Standard Practices Award in Clinical Research 2012
  • Golden Peacock National Quality Award 2005
  • Best Patient care hospitals Award -2020
  • NABH
  • NABL

How is Manipal Different?


Manipal hospital is driven by an engaged workforce and prides itself in fulfilling day-to-day responsibilities twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The medical team at Manipal Hospitals follows a humanized approach to reduce any sense of stress and fear in patients that they may experience prior to and after their treatment. The staff creates a warm and welcoming environment, a home away from home for our patients at the hospital. We have a dedicated Patient Support Services team for booking flights, hotels, cabs, and to offer seamless patient services of world-class quality. Manipal Hospitals provide quality and compassionate care to the patients, keeping their safety and comfort as the utmost priority.

Visa Assistance

The International Patient Services team helps in arranging a visa by writing a letter to the Indian High Commission in the patient's country. This helps to obtain a medical visa not only for the patient but also for the accompanying attendant.

Renowned & Qualified Doctors

The doctors and specialists at Manipal Hospital are all highly qualified with expertise in their respective backgrounds. Each department is led by a renowned super-specialist with clinical expertise and years of expertise in clinical care. Our doctors work together as a team providing the best quality of patient care in a patient-friendly environment, with their primary aim being healing the patient and his speedy recovery.

Qualified Clinical Team

Our team of doctors are pioneers in their field, high standard of medical ethics, and are committed to patient well-being and safety.

Focused on innovation

Our doctors are masters in innovation and procedures and have many research publications in international and national medical journals.

Use of Latest Technologies

Manipal Hospital has some of the most cutting-edge technology in the world. We are one of the few centers globally that has this much advanced medical equipment and technology.

Remarkable Patient Experience

The use of the latest technologies not only reduces the recovery time but leads to faster patient recovery The patients leave the hospital with a sense of satisfaction along with a memorable experience.

Focused on Research & Innovation

Our doctors are leaders in research and innovation and have pioneered innovative surgical procedures and have participated in award-winning research publications in international medical journals.

Greater precision and safety

Manipal Hospital offers the highest levels of precision in the use of technology for patient treatments.

A more comfortable patient experience

The use of the latest technologies greatly reduces recovery time and leads to better patient outcomes at Primus.

Facilities and Services

With a multidisciplinary approach, latest technologies, and best expertise, Manipal Hospital is geared up to be the ultimate destination of cancer care, accident & emergency care, cardiology, carttothoracic vascular surgery, gastrointestinal science, laparoscopic surgery, liver transplantation surgery, nephrology, neurology, neurosurgery, obstetrics & gynaecology, organ transplant, orthopaedics, paediatric and child care, rheumatology, spine care, and urology and many more.

Manipal Hospital is a dedicated comprehensive cancer center with the goal of providing consistently high quality and result-oriented cancer treatment by adopting global innovations. We strive ry provide a higher quality of life to cancer patients by taking cosmesis and rehabilitation into account, as well as shorter hospital stays.

The department of cardiology provides comprehensive treatment for heart-related issues and works round the clock. provide the best possible care for your heart. With eminent cardiac surgeons, digitalized cash labs, dedicated operation theatres, and ICUs, your heart is given top priority.

The Gastroenterology Centre at Manipal Hospital is dedicated to the management of diseases of the hepatobiliary and digestive systems in children and adults. We provide expert care in both Surgical and Medical Gastroenterology.

The Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics offers a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services that go beyond the needs of women from their formative years, right through pregnancy. menopause. The Department is equipped with world-class facilities to ensure the health of women and the clinical team is comprised of renowned specialists who provide world-class treatment.

Manipal Hospital's department of orthopedics is at the forefront in providing the patients most advanced orthopedic treatments and surgical techniques. We provide the full range of modern orthopaedic management that is effective, patient-friendly, and results oriented.

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