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Best Cancer Hospital in India

Comprehensive Cancer Care

Best Cancer Hospital in India

Manipal Hospitals Global is the best cancer hospital in India with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology, our Centre of Excellence in Oncology adopts a holistic and comprehensive approach in treating the entire spectrum of cancers at all stages. Our team’s specializations encompass the entire spectrum in oncology including medical (hormone therapy, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy), surgical, radiation therapy, bone marrow transplant, and hematology. With expertise in diagnosing even the most challenging cases, staging the disorder, radiotherapy, treating with medications, and operating with advanced technologies, our prolific team of oncologists promises clinical excellence in the treatment of cancer across all ages. Quaternary care is one of our fundamental ethos and our experts are setting a benchmark in this discipline.

Why Manipal?

At Manipal Hospitals, our extensively trained oncologists and technicians are assisted by world-class equipment in diagnosing and treating a myriad of cancers. We have a dedicated tumour board discussion for patients, where each and every case is studied in detail and the best possible treatment is suggested. Prioritizing patient comfort and safety, we follow evidence-based and internationally approved chemotherapy guidelines for treating different solid and hematological cancers. Manipal Hospitals Global is the best cancer hospital in India providing treatment for Cancer. 

Cancer occurs due to the abnormal growth of cells. The human body is made up of trillions of living cells. Normal cells grow, multiply to make new cells (when required), and die in an orderly way. Cancer occurs when this orderly process goes wrong and the cells begin to multiply and grow uncontrollably. These cancer cells form because of changes in the cells’ DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and they can attack other tissues and spread to other organs. Unlike normal cells, which either reverse the DNA changes or die, in cancer cells, the damaged DNA is not repaired and the cells continue to generate new cells that the body doesn’t require. Just like the first cell, these newly formed cells contain the same damaged DNA.

Several factors, such as genetics (inherited from parents), lifestyle (diet, tobacco consumption, and physical activities), certain infections, and environmental exposure to various types of radiation and chemicals, damage a person’s DNA. There are over 100 types of cancer, including lung cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lymphoma, and colon cancer. Cancer treatment includes radiation, surgery, and/or chemotherapy. Untreated cancers can either cause serious illness or even death. 

Surgical Oncology

First to launch HIPEC surgery in India and has performed the maximum number of procedures till date. Equipped with a U.S.-approved HIPEC machine.

Expertly trained in robotic-assisted surgery and first to begin robotic surgery in south India. To know more visit Manipal Hospitals Global, the top cancer hospital in India.

The Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Center is recognized as one of India’s pioneering centres for radio-guided surgery. With a highly specialized and proficient team of oncosurgeons who believe in tumour control with preservation of a maximum number of tissues and their function, the centre promises optimum cancer treatment and patient care.

Multi-disciplinary tumour board meetings are conducted regularly wherein our celebrated team of oncologists discusses complicated cases to determine the best treatment plan for the patient.

Orthopaedic Oncology

With an experienced team of specialists in orthopaedic oncology, Manipal comprehensive cancer care centre offers both surgical and non-surgical treatments for soft tissue tumours, bone tumours, and bone metastases with the objective of enhancing functional benefits and the quality of life. It is one of the few centres in India where advanced limb preserving surgeries are performed for sarcomas. Visit Manipal the Oncology Hospital in India to know more about the treatment procedure.

Medical Oncology

The medical oncology department offers treatment alongside biological therapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy for several cancers. These therapies play a crucial role in the treatment of both early-stage cancers and advanced cancers owing to their ability to improve the chances of survival and ensure a good quality of life. 


Systemic therapy in the form of cytotoxic or anti-cancer drugs is an important component of cancer treatment. In recent years, this form of therapy has enabled the curing of many testicular and ovarian cancers, colon cancers, fatal bone tumors, breast cancers, and childhood solid tumors. Chemotherapy is the only modality used for curing haematologic malignancies, such as lymphomas and leukaemia.

Biologic Therapy

In recent years, the emergence of many new targeted therapies has considerably improved outcomes in cancer treatment. Also known as biological therapies, these new medicines act majorly on cancer cells and cause minimal side effects. They have massively increased the survival chances of patients diagnosed with colon and rectal cancers, head and neck tumors, breast cancer, and lymphomas. 

Clinical Haematology

Manipal Hospitals is one of the best hospital for cancer in India that provides clinical haematology for bone marrow failure, clotting and bleeding ailments, such as haemophilia and other coagulation disorders, thrombocytopenia like ITP, and arterial and venous thrombosis, and anaemia. It also focuses on the treatment and management of malignant diseases (blood cancers), such as multiple myeloma, lymphoma, and leukaemia. 

Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant

We can proudly say that autologous and allogenic bone marrow transplantation (BMT) is performed at Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Center. Bone marrow transplant is needed in a plethora of cases, which include malignant diseases, such as multiple myeloma, leukaemia (acute and chronic), lymphomas, neuroblastoma, myelodysplastic syndrome, and other solid tumors and non-malignant diseases, such as aplastic anaemia, thalassemia, inborn errors of metabolism, autoimmune disorders, and immunodeficiencies. 

With experienced clinical haematologists and medical oncologists, the transplant team promises optimum care and outcomes in treatment. The hospital has tied up with the University of Minnesota Physicians for the BMT program, which assists our oncologists in maintaining clinical excellence. The BMT program was activated in 2004 and it has maintained a high success rate till date. The hospital boasts dedicated HEPA filtered rooms for BMT and a team of expertly trained nurses for 24*7 patient care. Visit our multi-specialty hospital in India to have the best treatment facilities.

Radiation Oncology

Our comprehensive cancer centre’s radiation oncology wing boasts a highly experienced and prolific team of medical physicists, technologists, and radiation oncologists, who are superbly assisted by state-of-the-art equipment that can deliver precise doses of radiation to the tumour while causing minimal damage to the normal tissues. The department is one of India’s leading centres in the field of Brachytherapy and it is also amongst the very few centres offering this form of therapy to patients diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was also the first centre in the state of Karnataka to launch Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), which is a special kind of treatment that focuses on delivering radiation to the tumor area while pushing it away from the healthy tissues to minimize the side effects. The department also offers adaptive radiation therapy (ART) and fiducial marker-based image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) amongst other unique therapies for patients diagnosed with prostate cancer. All these facilities make Manipal Hospitals Global the best oncology hospital in India.

Comprehensive Cancer Care doctors
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Dr. Neelesh Reddy

Consultant - Medical Oncologist

Yeshwanthpur - Bengaluru

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Dr. Satish Kumar A

Consultant Hematologist and Hemato - oncologist

Yeshwanthpur - Bengaluru

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