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Spinal stabilization

Spinal Stabilization Surgery in India

Spinal stabilization – Posterior/ Anterior/Combined
Dynamic lumbar spine stabilization is a surgical technique that stabilizes the spine with flexible materials to allow for more mobility in the spine than traditional spinal fusion surgery.

Why choose Manipal Hospitals
Our spine surgeons use superior devices and consummables for best results. They adopt the method of posterior fixation, by using tools such as percutaneous pedicle screws, facet screws, and spinous process plates, to stabilize your spine and facilitate fusion after decompression. The anterior stabilization is a useful method to relieve pressure on the compromised neurological elements or to provide anterior column support. This is particularly performed in cases of persistent anterior spinal cord compression and residual instability, initial loss of correction occurs, the vertebral body is significantly destroyed and a secondary loss of correction might be anticipated, and the disc is destroyed. The anterior stabilization can be used as a stand-alone method. 

Number of cases
This type of spine repair has seen over 8 lakh patients coming to us for the procedure.