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Robotic GI cancer surgeries

Robotic GI Cancer Surgeries in India

Minimally invasive robotic surgery has been the benchmark treatment procedure for digestive and gastro-intestinal diseases. At Manipal Hospitals, our multidisciplinary team of prolific colorectal surgeons and gastro intestinal surgical oncologists is committed to providing clinical excellence and optimum patient care.

Why Manipal?

Assisted with advanced robotic technologies, our team of onco surgeons and gastroenterologists is highly adept at performing even the most complex gastrointestinal surgeries. Our multidisciplinary tumour board follows a stringent treatment protocol to provide the best patient outcomes while prioritizing the comfort and safety of patients. Book an appointment at Manipal for Robotic GI Cancer Surgery treatment in India.

Solutions of Robotic GI Cancer Surgeries

The robotic arm’s dexterity helps the surgeon view the deepest parts of the cervix and uterus and manoeuvre the equipment to remove the tumour. Moreover, the ability of the robotic arms to rotate 360 degrees allows surgeons turn and twist the instruments, which, in turn, helps them perform surgeries to the best of their ability. Providing shorter recovery times, negligible scars due to minute keyhole incisions, and less pain in comparison to open surgeries, the robotic surgery allows patients, especially female patients, to resume their routine activities quickly after the procedure.


While the risks associated with a robotic surgery are not more than the ones associated with an open surgery, they can still cause some harm to the patient, on account of their ability to cause bleeding from the site of incision, potential infection, and reactions to anaesthesia because of prolonged surgery. 

Number of Cases

Our specialized team of oncologists has performed more than 6 lakh robotic surgeries to treat cervical and uterine cancers. Consult with our gastroenterology experts in India.

Infection Control Protocol

We prioritize patient comfort and safety and ensure that our patients are always protected from infections. We take pride in our reputation as one of the best quaternary care hospitals globally and thus, focus heavily on providing premium patient care.