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Robotic assisted cancer surgery 

Robotic Assisted Cancer Surgery in India

Robotic assisted cancer surgery 
In order to reach inaccessible tumours, shorten surgery time or to reduce side effects, onco surgeons prescribe the innovative robotic surgery. 

Why choose Manipal Hospitals Robotic surgery is a boon for cancer patients who come to Manipal Hospital. Robotic surgical technology represents the most significant advancement in minimally invasive surgery, thanks to a new breakthrough surgical technology, in which the onco surgeon performs surgery using a computer that remotely controls very small instruments attached to the robot with a 3-D camera mounted on an additional arm. It allows surgeons to perform delicate operations by manipulating the machine's robotic arms, which translate the doctor's hand movements into smaller and smoother strokes. It has revolutionized the field of surgery by allowing the surgeon to perform less-invasive and complex surgical procedures that was once only possible with open surgery. At Manipal Hospital patient comfort and care is our motto which we adhere to strongly. Robotic surgery may be used for a variety of complex procedures to treat Gynecological cancers, Kidney and prostate cancers, Colorectal cancers, Esophageal ( Food pipe) cancers.

Solutions for robot assisted cancer surgery
Our robotic surgeons are empowered precision, 3-dimentional view, with massive magnification and advanced intuitive ergonomics, endo-wrist movements and surgeon sits at ease on chair and operates relaxed, and miniaturization- smaller incisions, decreased blood loss, less pain, reduced duration of hospital stays, and quicker healing time. Further advantages are articulation beyond normal human manipulation, better accessibility to vital organs, superior visualization due to three-dimensional magnification and absence of fatigue to the surgeon by stabilization of instruments.

Complexities in robot assisted cancer surgery
The complications in this high tech surgery are usually due to hemorrhage caused by laceration. Othes include injury to surrounding tissue, and serious injury (including blindness) related to prolonged surgery. 

Number of cases
Robotic onco surgeons at Manipal Hospital have performed more than 3000 robotic cancer surgeries. 

Success of robot assisted cancer surgery
The success rate depends on several factors, including the type of cancer, the site of the surgery, any prior surgery the patient has had, and the surgeon’s skill and experience. 

Infection control protocol
Any surgery garners the respect of safety of a controlled environment. Patients who have undergone robot assisted cancer surgery are vulnerable to infections and need to be kept confined to sterile conditions. This is what Manipal Hospital believes in and strictly adheres to stringent infection control protocols.