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Paediatric Surgery

From the womb until adolescence, this uncommon surgical subspecialty treats illnesses, deformities, and trauma in children. All disorders in this age group, especially those affecting young children, are within the scope of the surgical expertise of paediatric surgeons. So reach out to the best Paediatric Surgery in India.

Choosing Manipal Hospitals

Given that this specialty covers the full spectrum of surgical services for kids affecting different body organs, our multidisciplinary team of paediatricians, paediatric surgeons, paediatric oncologists, paediatric urologists, and neonatologists pool their expertise to perform a variety of surgeries in newborns and kids in the best Paediatric center in India. Among the conditions treated in neonatal surgery is gastroschisis, a birth defect characterised by a hole in the abdominal wall; in paediatric urology surgery, certain urological conditions, such as hypospadias, are frequently present at birth or in young people; and in paediatric oncology surgery, common childhood cancers like leukaemia are treated.