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Paediatric Haemato-oncology

The areas of interest and care in this paediatric centre are haematology and oncology, two highly specialised subspecialties. Children and teenagers with various blood problems and cancers are diagnosed, treated, and cared for by paediatric haematologists and oncologists. So reach out to the best Paediatric oncology in India.

Choosing Manipal Hospitals

Our multidisciplinary team of highly qualified paediatric haematologists-oncologists is adept in diagnosing and caringly treating children with blood diseases and malignancies in the best Paediatric Cancer Treatment in India. Treatment of cancers such as leukemias, lymphomas, brain tumours, bone tumours, and solid tumours falls under their area of competence. They identify and manage a variety of white cell, red cell, and pocrilatelet abnormalities in addition to bleeding disorders as diseases of the blood cells.