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It is the method of giving medication directly into the lungs through the use of a nebulizer and mist inhalation.

Pre Procedure

The following points need to be considered before the treatment: 

Please keep the doctor's prescription with you.

The nebulizer kit and medication will be purchased from the hospital pharmacy.

Before the procedure, there are no precise guidelines to be followed.

During Procedure

The following points need to be considered during the treatment: 

Your child is lying down peacefully on the paediatric emergency department bed, and the entire procedure is conducted with your and your child's privacy in mind.

The nebulization chamber is filled with the medication.

The child's lips and nose are covered by the nebulizer mask, which is then fastened.

To avoid spills and encourage better inhalation, the nebulizer must be held upright.

While the nurse gives the child the medication, you will be asked to take care of and console the child.

It will take between five and ten minutes to complete.

Immediately following nebulization, the mask is taken off.

Post Procedure

The following points need to be considered after the treatment: 

Ten minutes will be spent keeping an eye on your child.

Once you go home, you'll need to keep an eye on the kid.

Please get in touch with us right away if you get a headache, a sore throat, a dry mouth, or rashes. But this is really unusual.

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