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best nephrology hospital in india


Best Kidney Transplant Hospital in India

Nephrology is related to kidney medicine and is often known as the sub-speciality of internal medicine. It is mainly associated with the diagnosis, treatment, and management of the functioning of the kidney and renal (kidney) replacement therapy involving dialysis and kidney transplantation. Nephrologists deal with hypertension (high blood pressure), electrolyte imbalances, and systemic kidney diseases such as diabetes and autoimmune illness.

Why Manipal?

With a high success rate, Manipal Hospitals has been a pioneer in kidney transplantation for more than 20 years. Our therapy strategy is based on patience and being patient. Our interdisciplinary professionals, who include renowned nephrologists and surgeons, collaborate to come up with the finest treatment alternatives. They utilise cutting-edge medical technologies at our Centre of Excellence in Nephrology to treat a variety of kidney illnesses with their extensive knowledge and skills from across the world. Consult with the nephrologist at our best kidney transplant hospital in India.

Our expert team of nephrologists, kidney transplant surgeons, interventional radiologists, and urologists collaborate at the Centre of Excellence in Nephrology at Manipal Hospitals to diagnose and treat the whole range of kidney-related disorders in the best way possible. Our quaternary care specialists have the experience to sensitively handle the most challenging cases in the treatment of rare kidney disorders that may necessitate a kidney transplant.

Two kidneys, each about the size of a fist, are present in the human body. They are situated on either side of the spine in the centre of your back, directly below the rib cage. The vital duties of the kidneys include cleansing the blood, preserving a steady ratio of salt and minerals, and assisting with blood pressure control. This is accomplished by using urine to filter and remove waste materials and extra fluid.

The Department of Nephrology at Manipal is among the best in the nation, just like the other specialties the university offers. The department's team of highly qualified professionals offers a variety of therapies for renal and nephrological issues. Our experts have advanced degrees in general nephrology, renal sciences, acute kidney transplantation, preventative nephrology, etc. Our nephrology specialists have treated thousands of patients with nephrological issues over the course of their many years of experience in the field, and they have also carried out numerous surgeries, including kidney transplants. Since we began providing kidney transplant services more than 20 years ago, we have successfully completed more than 1500 kidney transplants. Manipal University's department of nephrology is well known around the nation for offering superior solutions. To learn more about nephrological issues or to schedule a consultation with a specialist, get in touch with us at the best hospital for nephrology in India

Facilities & Services

To complement the expertise of our doctors, we provide state-of-the-art technological facilities. The facilities at Manipal Hospitals include high-end and world-class equipment which enables our doctors to carry out even the most complex medical tasks with ease. Our centers are well-equipped to carry out procedures like robotic surgeries or laparoscopic surgeries for nephrological and renal problems. Visit Manipal Hospitals Global, the best kidney transplant hospital in India to know more about the facilities and services.

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