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Transplant medicine

Transplant Medicine in India

Transplant medicine This speciality of nephrology deals with kidney transplants which are gaining popularity among patients suffering from end-stage renal disease.

Why choose Manipal Hospitals Backed by outstanding nephrologists and urologists of the highest calibre in their specialised domain, the nephrology unit employs a keen multidisciplinary approach to addressing complex kidney transplants. Paediatric kidney transplant is a niche speciality that involves the most skilled Urologist to perform this demanding surgery. 

Why Kidney Transplant better than dialysis? Kidney transplant improves the survival rate among end-stage kidney disease patients and long-term outcomes in patients with renal failure. Potent immunosuppression is required to maintain a successful kidney transplant. After a transplant, patients are monitored on long term costs in hospitalization transplant surgery is lesser than dialysis. Side effects of immunosuppression, and opportunistic infections.

Complexities Kidney transplant surgery comes with significant risks. The most common ones include failure or rejection of the donated kidney, infection and bleeding, leaking from or blockage of the tube (ureter) that links the kidney to the bladder.

Infection control protocol With the knowledge that all transplant surgeries need quality care especially in the delicate cases of paediatric transplant, our infection control protocol rises to the occasion to nip any infections in the bud.