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Robotic Surgery for Gynaecological cases

Robotic Surgery for Gynaecological Cases in India

Robotic Surgery for Gynaecological cases of the Uterus and Cervix The extremely efficient and effective robotic surgery is known for its efficacy and precision in treating gynaecological cancer cases of all types. This technique is also adopted to perform hysterectomies for uterine fibroids, myomectomies for fibroids, and resections for endometriosis. 

Why choose Manipal Hospitals Our superlative team of expert gynaecologists and surgeons are highly trained in advanced surgical technology to perform some of the most complex surgeries. This includes robot assisted surgery.  In the hands of our skilled surgeons, the robotic arms are manoeuvred adroitly to perform intricate surgeries to treat uterine and cervical cancer, endometriosis, benign gynecological tumors as well as uterine prolapse.

Solutions of robotic surgery This minimally invasive surgery operated through tiny incisions, has revolutionalised the gynaecological field by reducing the stress on surgeons as well as patients due to the short surgical time. Ranging from hysterectomy and myomectomies (removal of uterine fibroids) to lymphadenectomie (lymph node removal) and cervicectomy (removal of the uterine cervix), robotic surgery has maximised the survival rate and minimised pain and risks.

Complexities of robotic surgery Some of the risks associated with robot assisted surgery could be potential for infection, bleeding at the site of arm insertion and cardiopulmonary risks from anaesthesia.

Success of robotic surgery This advanced technology has enabled surgeons to access the inner recesses of the uterus and cervix where human hand found impossible to reach. This has helped in cutting away the tumours with an extremely high rate of success.

Number of cases We have performed more than 2 lakh robot assisted uterine and cervical cancer surgeries with high success rate.

Infection control protocol As one of the topmost quaternary care hospitals in the world, our stringent infection control policy has provided comfort and excellent care to patients.