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Comprehensive Stone Disease

Comprehensive Stone Disease Treatment in India

Comprehensive Stone Disease

Urinary Stone Disease is collectively known as urolithiasis, nephrolithiasis, kidney stones, and nephrocalcinosi, and indicates the presence of stones and calcification within the urinary tract. Urolithiasis is about the formation of stones in the urinary and bladder, nephrolithiasis is of kidney stones and nephrocalcinosi is of the calcium deposits in the organs of the urinary tract.


Why choose Manipal Hospitals Our Centre of Excellence in Urology is a fully fledged diagnostic, medical and surgical to holistically treat and cure the entire gamut of urinary stone diseases in patients of all ages. Our superlative urologists are internationally trained and qualified to discern the most evasive form of stone disease and take the time to discuss the ailment with each patient and their family and plan the best treatment plan. Equipped with top of the line extracorporeal lithotripsy machines and intracorporeal lithoclasts and laser machinery, our approach to combating stone disease is unrivalled in the country. Wherever surgery is the only option, the futuristic robotic technology is employed to the best of our expertise.