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Paediatric Trauma

Paediatric Trauma
Trauma or injury is the leading cause of health complications and death in children. A child’s chances of survival depend on how fast the emergency response team in a hospital is able to resuscitate her/him and begin the emergency treatment.

Why choose Manipal Hospitals
Children with serious injuries can find succour at Manipal Hospitals. The Paediatric Trauma department at the Centre of Excellence in Paediatrics and Child Care at Manipal Hospitals has the distinction of being a frontrunner in handling paediatric emergencies. Whether it’s a fall, burns, brain injury, thoracic trauma or spinal trauma, our paediatric trauma care team is on call 24x7 to immediately assess the level of emergency and initiate the treatment instantaneously. They are meticulously trained to follow paediatric trauma management guidelines such as securing the airway and maintaining an adequate circulation through administering fluids. Trauma imaging through CT or MRI scans and X rays is conducted to assess internal injuries. As soon as the scale of injury is assessed, the child is transferred to our Paediatric Intensive Care Unit for ongoing care by our multidisciplinary paediatric trauma team of caregivers.