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Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery (MICS)

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery in India

Minimally invasive cardiac / heart surgery is recommended to treat numerous heart conditions including:

  • Valve repair or replacement 

  • Coronary artery bypass

  • Cardiac tumour removal 

  • Maze procedure for atrial fibrillation

  • Septal defect surgery

  • Birth defects of the heart

This procedure uses small incisions in your chest to reach the heart than a single large incision as in case of open-heart surgery. The advantages of this procedure include: 

  • Smaller incisions

  • Smaller scar

  • Lesser pain

  • Quicker recovery

  • Shorter hospitalization

  • Faster return to routine activities

  • Minimal blood loss and may not require a blood transfusion

Not every patient is an ideal candidate for minimally invasive cardiac surgery. The surgeon will decide if you are eligible for it based on your medical condition, age, etc. 

Minimally invasive heart surgery includes: 

  • Robot-assisted heart surgery: This procedure uses robotic arms, instead of a surgeon's hands to perform the procedure. The heart is viewed through a magnified HD-computer. 

  • Thoracoscopic surgery: This procedure uses a thoracoscope (a long, thin tube with HD-camera) to perform the surgery via a small incision in the chest. 

Minimally invasive cardiac surgeries can be done in both children and adults.

There is no additional risk associated with minimally invasive cardiac surgeries. Just like open-heart surgeries, risks involve bleeding, stroke, infection, arrhythmia and death.