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Microdiscectomy Endoscopic Discectomy

Microdiscectomy Endoscopic Discectomy Surgery in India

Microdiscectomy, Endoscopic Discectomy
A discectomy is a cutting-edge, minimally invasive procedure proven to reduce pain caused by disc herniations (sciatica). Also called microlumbar discectomy (MLD), this is an advanced procedure where the herniated or protruding portion of an intervertebral disc that is compressing the spinal cord and affecting the nerve root is removed, shrinking an injured or bulging disc to take pressure off a painful nerve and reducing pain.

Why choose Manipal Hospitals
Our team of neurosurgeons is adept at performing typically both types of discectomies, micro and endocopically.
In Microdiscectomy, a small incision is made in the skin and a special retractor is used to allow the neurosurgeon to visualize the disc. Once the disc is visible, small instruments are used to shrink the disc under direct visualization. Endoscopic Discectomy is when a small incision is made and a port is inserted down onto the disc. An endoscope, a thin telescope-like instrument with a lighted tube and camera attachment, is inserted through the port to allow the neurosurgeon to see the disc and surrounding tissue on a large monitor using the camera to transmit images of the disc. Then the procedure is performed by passing instruments through the endoscope to remove the pressure-causing disc.

Number of cases
We have performed discectomy in well over 10 lakh patients mostly the elderly.