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Infant Stimulation Program

Infant Stimulation Program
As they grow, each baby has its own speed of development. While each baby’s growth and motor skills coordination may differ, there are certain parameters that are common. So, if a baby was born with certain disorders or was sick, its mental development could be hampered. Infant stimulation can help improve your baby's development of motor skills faster as well as its memory, typical baby curiosity, attention span, and other problems of the nervous system.

Why choose Manipal Hospitals
At Manipal Hospitals, we have a dedicated infanct stimulation program in place to help infants with these slow behavioural disorders. Stimulation during the first three years of a baby’s life can assist in the prevention of certain changes to the brain structure and neurological pathways caused by stressful situations or trauma. Our innovative stimulation program works through play to help your baby in developing its thinking, motor skills coordination, communication and typical sensory experiences. All this is done in a cheerful atmosphere where the children will love to come to.