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Cameroon | Hip Replacement Surgery, Manipal Hospital Old Airport Road | Bangalore

Mr. Armand Chane, a 41-year-old refrigeration and air conditioning technician and trader from Cameroon, was admitted to a hospital in his native country after a road accident in 2013. After exhaustive examination, doctors in the Yaound University Teaching Hospital recommended a hip replacement procedure. However, Mr. Chane wanted a hip prosthesis from a more renowned hospital and thus, began looking for alternatives abroad. He was soon referred to Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road, Bangalore by his insurance company, AGC Insurance. With multiple examinations, our expert orthopaedicians under the guidance of Dr. Sunil Kini, Consultant-Orthopaedic Surgery, diagnosed him with arthritis and a host of other bone issues. A hip replacement procedure was recommended which turned out to be a life-saver for the patient. Following multiple X-ray examinations and post-surgical rehabilitation, Mr. Chane was released from the hospital. With their quick diagnosis and intervention, our experts not only helped Mr. Chane get relief from pain but also allowed him to perform routine activities, such as walking and sitting, without feeling any discomfort.