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About Fibroscan | Dr. Lovkesh Anand | Manipal Hospitals Delhi

Dr. Lovkesh Anand, Consultant - Department of Gastroenterology Sciences at Manipal Hospitals Delhi, shares insights on a modern, non-invasive procedure called 'Fibroscan'. A Fibroscan is an ultrasound machine for the liver, which measures fibrosis (scarring of the liver) and steatosis (fat change) in the liver. This helps detect liver disease in the early stages, and assists the doctor in a timely diagnosis to offer the best treatment for the health problem. Consult with our gastroenterology experts today, for better liver health. To book an appointment, call 011 4967 4967 or click here - http://bit.ly/MHDGastro #ManipalHospitalsDelhi #YourManipal #LifesOn