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Tips to Control Type 2 Diabetes Naturally


Diabetes & Endocrinology

30 December, 2022

Type 2 diabetes is no doubt a serious health condition, but it is by no means the end of the world. It is crucial for everybody to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially a diabetic person. Type 2 diabetes food typically includes plenty of vegetables, lentils, beans, legumes, and poultry. In this condition, the blood sugar is already high, so it is important to have a diet plan that will work with the body and not spike the blood sugar levels. Type 2 diabetes can be cured naturally by following a simple rule: follow a healthy diet plan and an exercise regimen and keep your health a priority at all times.

Preventive tips to treat type-2 diabetes consist of:

  • Blood Glucose monitoring

  • Healthy eating

  • Regular exercise

  • Medications

  • Controlling sugar levels is a challenge and requires constant monitoring.

Tips to Maintain Your Blood Sugar Level

  • Choose the right type of carbs

Come out of the Myth that you need to avoid carbohydrates for good health. This is not true. We all need carbs to lead a healthy life. Rather, we should focus on the right carbs and the consumption quantity of those carbs. For example, the carbs present in wholegrain bread and cereals and fruits should be consumed, as opposed to refined flour and juices. To keep your sugar level under control, one needs to eat healthy vegetables and a combination of different nuts. All of this will be really helpful  

  • Lose Weight

Extra inches on your waistline is an invitation to the harmful effects of diabetes. If you want to control the glucose level in your body, lose weight. The major consideration should be the location of the body where the fat is accumulating. Risk of Type 2 diabetes increases if the fat is located in the abdominal area because it will increase insulin resistance in the body. Women should keep their waistline below 35 inches and men should try to keep it below 40 inches to maintain a healthy life.

  • Moderate sugar intake

A person suffering from Type 2 diabetes can still consume sweets but the important thing is to say “NO” at the right time. Limit your sugar intake and gradually you will become habitual of it.

Eating healthy fats like yogurt, nuts, etc. can help maintain a steady glucose level as it slows down the digestive process. Say NO to packaged foods because it contains high sugar content. To know more, visit our diabetes treatment hospital in India.

  • Get moving

High blood sugar levels can easily be controlled by regular exercise as it improves heart condition, and circulation is improved. A healthy weight is key to maintaining blood pressure. Choose those physical activities that you can do easily like walking in a park, lifting light weights, yoga, etc.

  • Reduce your salt intake

The risk of heart disease increases because of high sodium intake as it increases blood pressure. Type 2 diabetes patients should be very conscious of their salt intake. Replace salt with herbs and spices to limit your sodium intake.

  • Fruits and Vegetables

Consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables for the essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Fruits are always healthy but intake in excess amount will be harmful, especially for Type 2 diabetic patients.

  • Eat beans and fish

Fat level in the blood is reduced if you start eating pulses, beans, and lentils as they are rich in high fiber and have low fat. Polyunsaturated fats like omega-3 is easily available in oily fishes like sardines, trout, and salmon. Eating fish will prevent heart disease.

  • No alcohol and “diabetic foods”

Avoid alcohol as it contains empty calories which are converted into glucose by our liver. Alcohol not only damages the liver but put a burden on the body by increasing the sugar level. People's weight tens to increase and the risk of Type 2 diabetes increases. Don’t fall into the trap of this much-advertised diabetic food, it is the same as other meals. The most important thing is to control your diet.

  • Monitor your sugar levels regularly

Keep track of your sugar level so that you can plan accordingly about the treatment. A glucose meter should be used to track the glucose level. Try keeping your glucose level in the range of 70-130 mg/dL before meals.

  • Control your stress

If you are stressed out, your blood pressure will increase and also your glucose level. Stop smoking, walk regularly, Meditate, Do yoga, etc to control your stress level. Stress will also lead to heart disease so don’t take it lightly.

  • Medications

Consult with the best endocrinologist in India for the medications. Insulin injections and diabetic pills are most valuable in the treatment of diabetes. 

  • Control Sleep Apnea

The likelihood of developing sleep apnea may be increased in people with type 2 diabetes. Together, these two issues raise the danger of a heart attack, stroke, and demise. Surgery or other methods, such as using a specific device while sleeping, are required for the treatment of sleep apnea. Keep an eye out for sleep apnea symptoms including loud snoring, a big neck, and being overweight.

Following the above measures can help keep control of the severity of type 2 diabetes and help you lead a healthier lifestyle free of any further complications. It is important to know the measures to manage diabetes, as it is now a disease of epidemic proportions.

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