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Successful Total Hip Replacement Surgery | Dr Sunil G Kini | Manipal Hospitals Global

Jahangi Alam from Dhaka faced hip damage post a bike accident. Disappointed with his country's surgery, he consulted Dr. Sunil G Kini, Consultant - Orthopaedic & Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery at Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road Hospital, for a successful total hip replacement. Watch his recovery journey!

Dr. Sunil G Kini

Orthopaedics (Joints & Trauma)

Old Airport Road - Bengaluru

Left Hip-Bone Decay | Patient Testimonial | Dr. Sunil G Kini | Manipal Hospitals Global

Discover the incredible story of Mr. Mohammed Abdul Hai, a Bangladeshi citizen who triumphed over left hip-bone decay. After failed surgery and infection, the patient was suggested Manipal Hospitals, where Dr. Sunil G Kini's advanced surgical expertise made all the difference. In just 14 days after two advanced surgeries, Mr. Abdul was walking normally again! Watch the video to witness this amazing journey of healing. 

Dr. Sunil G Kini

Robotic Spine Surgery,Spine Care

Old Airport Road - Bengaluru

Microvascular Decompression | Dr. Bopanna K M | MVD Surgery | Manipal Hospitals Bangalore

For people, their face is the introduction to the rest of the world. But to be introduced to facial pain and to face it for 2-3 years is too much to ask from someone. Such is the story of MR MD Ali Akbar, a patient from Bangladesh who came to Manipal Hospital Bangalore seeking relief. With the help of Dr Bopanna K M, HOD & Consultant, Neurosurgery. Dr Bopanna treated Mr Ali Akbar through Microvascular Decompression, effectively providing him with pain relief and giving back to him his ability to talk.   

Dr. Bopanna K M

Neurology and Neurosurgery

Old Airport Road - Bengaluru

Tumors Advanced Surgery | Dr. Sampath Chandra Prasad Rao | Manipal Hospital India

Mrs. Parula Aktar, a Bangladeshi citizen, was referred to Dr. Sampath Chandra Prasad Rao, Consultant - Ear, Nose & Throat, Skull Base Surgery, Manipal Hospital, India, on being diagnosed with a bilateral body tumour and right vagal paraganglioma. Watch the video to learn how Dr. Rao removed the tumours despite complications through an advanced surgery that took around 12-14 hours.

Dr. Sampath Chandra Prasad Rao

Ear, Nose & Throat

Old Airport Road - Bengaluru

Sonu Prasad | Department of Liver Transplant & HPB Surgery | Manipal Hospitals Delhi

  Wiaam, an 8-year-old child from Iraq, was referred to Dr. Saurabh Verma at Manipal Hospitals Delhi. The child was suffering from a severe case of kyphoscoliosis, with a spine curvature measuring Cobb's angle of 150 degrees. A two-step process was implemented for the surgery and rehabilitation of Wiaam's condition. Halo gravity technique was implemented in the first stage, and dual-growing rods technique of surgery was implemented in the second stage. Watch the video to hear about Wiaam's case from Dr. Saurabh Verma.

Dr. Saurabh Verma

Spine Care