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USG scan

Obstetric ultrasound employs sound waves to create images of a developing embryo or foetus, as well as the mother's uterus and ovaries, within pregnant women. It does not employ ionising radiation and has no known negative consequences. So reach out to the Best Pregnancy Hospital In India.

Pre Procedure

The following points need to be considered before the treatment:

Because the scan requires your bladder to be full, you must drink plenty of water before the exam.

To ensure that the foetus is active, eat healthily before the scan.

Please provide the doctor with your medical history.

Please include any previous medical documents or CDs.

During Procedure

The following points should be considered during the treatment procedure. 

Typically, the complete treatment takes about 30 minutes. It is carried out by the treating doctor with the assistance of a nurse at all times.

You must remove any jewellery or other objects that may interfere with the process prior to the operation.

You are pleasantly seated in an area where your privacy will be respected throughout the treatment.

You must lie down on a surgery table or bed.

The gel will be administered to the belly in order to improve skin-to-scanner contact.

The scanner is moved around by the doctor. Obstetric ultrasound is most effective when the foetus is checked in various postures to best visualise the foetal parts. Images are quickly transmitted to a neighbouring monitor.

In order to see the deeper structures, the doctor may have to push pretty hard at times.

After the scan, the extra gel is gently washed away.

After the scan, you may empty your bladder.

Post Procedure

The following points should be considered after the treatment procedure: 

Following the operation, there are no restrictions.

Because the desirable foetal postures may not be acquired in a single sitting, the evaluation will require numerous sittings.