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Post Natal care

The care provided to a woman and her newborn child in the hours following delivery and for the first six weeks after birth is known as postnatal care (PNC) are best in the top gynaecology Hospital in India. Women may experience hormonal changes that have an impact on their mental health or struggle with lactation.

Choosing Manipal Hospitals

At Manipal Hospitals, we think that providing upscale postpartum care facilities in a clean, comfortable setting is essential for the health of both new mothers and their infants because both are at their most vulnerable when it comes to postpartum infections. These hazards for the mother and infant can be decreased during this time by a number of key actions. To ensure the best possible health for both mother and child, our neonatology, obstetrics, and gynaecology teams work around the clock in our high-quality postnatal care facility. So reach out to the best Post Natal Care in India.