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Pap Smear

It is often known as a Pap Test, is a vaginal exam used to screen for cervical cancer. This is accomplished by collecting cervical cells using a swab and examining them for abnormal development and other signs of precancerous/cancerous cells. It is a straightforward technique that takes about 5 minutes in best gynaecological cancer treatment in India.

Pre Procedure

The following points need to be considered before the treatment:

For two days before your Pap Smear, you must refrain from having intercourse, avoid douching, and use any vaginal medicines or spermicidal foams, lotions, or jellies, as these may wash away or disguise abnormal cells.

Avoid scheduling a Pap Smear during your menstrual cycle. If at all possible, avoid this time of your cycle.

During the Procedure

The following points should be considered during the treatment procedure: 

The treatment takes around 5 minutes and is completely painless.

You will be provided a gown to wear.

You will be asked to lie back on an exam table with your knees bent.

A speculum will be softly inserted into your vagina by the doctor.

The speculum separates the walls of your vagina so that your doctor can see your cervix clearly. When you insert the speculum, you may feel pressure in your pelvic area.

Your doctor will then collect cervical cell samples with a soft brush and a flat scraping implement known as a spatula.

Your doctor transfers the cervical cell sample into a container or onto a glass slide.

Post Procedure

The following points should be considered after the treatment procedure:

After the Pap Smear, you can resume your routine activities.

After three days, reports will be available. You will need to visit with your Gynaecologist to go over the Pap Smear report.