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Genetic Counseling

Genetics is a highly specialised area of medicine that deals with heredity and some genetic risk factors. Every child receives genetic material from both biological parents, and these genes in turn express particular characteristics. So reach out to the best Gynaecology hospital in India.

Choosing Manipal Hospitals

Our distinctive Hereditary Counselling Centre at Manipal Hospitals seeks to assist individuals, couples, and families in comprehending and adjusting to the medical, psychological, familial, and reproductive consequences of the genetic contribution to particular health disorders. Our highly qualified genetic counsellors help identify families who may be at risk of a genetic condition by studying family history and gene inheritance patterns to estimate the likelihood of recurrence, in addition to providing advice regarding genetic testing and other relevant treatments. Our Genetic Counselling unit helps couples who have one or more of these risk factors, such as unusual results from regular prenatal testing, results from an amniocentesis that reveal a chromosomal problem, and an inherited illness that is present in a close relative. And our Hospital will your choice for the best Genetic testing and counseling center in India.