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Thalassemia Clinic

A series of blood illnesses known as thalassemia interfere with the body's capacity to normally create red blood cells and haemoglobin. The symptoms of moderate and severe thalassemias typically manifest during the first two years of a child's life, making childhood a common time for diagnosis in the Thalassemia Clinic in India.

Our dedicated Thalassemia Clinic at Manipal Hospitals is exceptional. Our state-of-the-art medical systems and technology aid in the early detection of thalassemia in infants, especially given that the condition is inherited. We have outstanding hemotolgists with in-depth knowledge of caring sensitive infants. When patients with thalassemia major receive blood transfusions, which is the recommended course of treatment, this sympathetic side of our blood professionals is most evident. Children will require iron chelation therapy, which can be given as pills, because blood transfusions might result in iron overload, which may cause harm to other organs.

On young children, frequent blood transfusions are not pleasant. Our hemologists, on the other hand, are skilled at treating young patients with thalassemias and treat them with kindness and care. Child nutritionists assist in the course of therapy by ensuring that they receive nutritional supplements, such as folic acid supplements, and monitoring the B12 levels because these nutrients are essential building blocks for producing healthy blood cells.

Thalassemia can only be cured by a bone marrow and stem cell transplant from a compatible related donor. The exceptional paediatric transplant surgeons who practise in our bone marrow transplant specialty do this procedure to treat rare cases of thalassemia in children.