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Kidney Dialysis Surgery in India

In Hemodialysis Treatment in India, a dialysis machine can filter your blood using this artificial process to remove waste and water. The procedure helps the body's poor kidney function and is typically used until a suitable donor kidney is found or while the patient receives treatment for the underlying condition. The blood is filtered through a dialyser, which mimics the kidney and removes pollutants and water from the blood, in the dialysis machine.

An arteriovenous (AV) connection is established from your arm to the dialysis machine in order to link your blood flow to the device. The AV fistula is the most prevalent of these and calls for a quick surgical operation to connect an artery and vein to the dialysis machine. When connecting to the machine with needles, there is less discomfort as the fistula gets stronger over time. The alternative is an AV graft, which is equally successful but necessitates more upkeep.