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The specialised area of medicine known as ophthalmology is dedicated to eye health. It covers the physiology, anatomy, and disorders that could impact the eyes. Historically, all facets of visual function, both in health and disease, were covered by the science of ophthalmology. Animal eyes are also included in ophthalmology because human and animal eyes operate similarly and both species might develop eye problems.

Why Manipal?

The Department of Ophthalmology at Manipal Hospitals offers patients access to skilled diagnostics and care, including interventional procedures and surgery, as one of the most specialised ocular health practises in India.

Thousands of patients have been successfully diagnosed and treated by the team of talented ophthalmologists at Manipal Hospitals. The Department of Ophthalmology's multidisciplinary staff makes sure that patients have access to a broad range of options and the appropriate guidance to help them make the best choices. The group collaborates with experts from several fields to make sure processes are carried out safely and properly.

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The study of eye-related medical disorders is known as ophthalmology. Ophthalmologists are medical professionals that focus on the surgical and medical care of this organ. The medical field of ophthalmology focuses on the identification and management of eye illnesses and conditions.

Over 2 billion people worldwide are blind or have vision impairment, and at least 1 billion of those instances could have been avoided with proper medical care. Around the world, refractive errors and untreated cataracts are the leading causes of vision impairment. Most occurrences of vision impairment occur in adults over the age of 50. 

Modern technology is used by Manipal Eye Care to deliver high-quality eye care. It has developed over the past ten years into a self-sufficient Opthalmology Hospital In India with a group of committed and highly skilled eye surgeons. Since this facility serves as a referral centre for several subspecialties, patients from all across the nation and beyond come here for treatment. 

Treatments and Procedures

Ophthalmologists and cardiovascular surgeons at Manipal Hospitals appreciate accurate diagnosis for obtaining successful therapy. The team can discover visual diseases thanks to its extensive array of diagnostic equipment and procedures. Our group of ophthalmological surgeons uses minimally invasive procedures that are also as secure as they can be. 

Some of the diagnostic resources for treating eye-related disorders are present at our Eye Hospital in India, these include:

  • Colour vision test (Farnworth-Munsell 100 (FM-100) hue test)
  • Visual field tests Computerized Optic Disc Imaging & Nerve Fiber Layer Analysis (GDX, HRT, OCT)
  • Electro-diagnostic testing
  • Corneal topography mapping
  • Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT)
  • Fluorescein angiography
  • Specular microscopy
  • Ocular ultrasound


Ophthalmology doctors
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Dr. Mridula Pentapati

Consultant - Ophthalmologist

Hebbal - Bengaluru